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Septic Tank Cleaning


Pumping the septic tank is essentially the removal of all built up solids overtime which can be harmful to the environment, and cause serious complications with the system if left to remain for too long. Typically homeowners clean these tanks at intervals of 2-3 years.

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The most common misconception about septic tank pumping is that when the tank gets full it needs to be pumped. However, the septic tank is designed specifically based on mathematical models given the number of residents, appliances, and suspected usage patterns for maximum capacity. At any given time this tank can rise very high, yet the process of treatment allows the solids to settle and the water to move down the conveyance system into the drainfield for release. At Meyer’s we have 3 pump trucks that can hold a combined 13,000 gallons. Unlike other companies we have fair and honest pricing. We don’t charge extra for digging up a tank, or uncovering a riser. It is our job to understand where your tank is located and how to access it, not yours. Be wary of any company that has pricing for digging or uncovering.