Professional Services

Septic Systems

Our livelihood is built on the backbone of septic systems. We have engineering capabilities to design systems for any type of soil, space constraint and budget. We work with major manufacturers, precast concrete companies, and even build in house. At Meyers, we can provide end to end service from real estate inspections, design, installation, repairs and maintenance, and tank cleanings. Your septic system is a miniature waste water treatment plant. That means the effluent or runoff from the end of the treatment is released back into nature. This is a very great responsibility. At Meyers we own the responsibility, and promise to provide greener solutions for a better future. Contact us now.

Pump Stations

Depending on the type of gradient, soil, and regulatory requirements in your area a pump station may be necessary to flush water from your home to the municipal sewer line, or drain field (or leach field). This pump adds an element of mechanization and electricity to your system so it must be monitored regularly. At Meyers, we have had 64 years of experience with pump manufacturers and control panels, so when we design and install a system you have the knowledge that our years of experience will guide us to deliver the best possible solution. Coupled with our 24/7 emergency support we are always available for any issues that may arise. Contact us now.

Sewer & Water Lines

Regardless of if you are a municipality, business, or homeowner; sewer & water lines can become a major headache. More often than not, we are called in to help when a blockage is suspected. Blockages can occur from collapsed pipes, impediments lodged in the line, corroded lines, roots, and more. In all these cases the way to remove the obstruction is different, and requires specialized knowledge and tools. Meyers has been dealing with these issues for 64 years, and after that long we have acquired quite a few nifty pieces of technology to deal with the issues. If technology can’t help, we have some tricks we learned over the years too. Regardless of what the problem is, Meyers has a can do attitude, can do set of tools, and years of industry knowledge to make sure we do it right the first time, fast. Contact us now.

Drainage Systems

Issues with standing water? It’s always embarrassing to be the only neighbor with pools of water in their yard. Even worse, if this water backs up into your basement you don’t want to be worried about mold or mildew. Many of the issues can be caused by roof water collected by gutters, or gradient changes in your yard that need to be leveled. When this happens, you need to call the drainage system experts. Get the job done right, the first time. Contact us now.

Septic Tank Cleaning Services

The most common misconception about septic tank pumping is that when the tank gets full it needs to be pumped. However, the septic tank is designed specifically based on mathematical models given the number of residents, appliances, and suspected usage patterns for maximum capacity. At any given time this tank can rise very high, yet the process of treatment allows the solids to settle and the water to move down the conveyance system into the drainfield for release. Pumping the septic tank is essentially the removal of all built up solids overtime which can be harmful to the environment, and cause serious complications with the system if left to remain for too long. Typically homeowners clean these tanks at intervals of 2-3 years. Some systems may require this more frequently or less. If the amount of members residing in your household has changed be sure to inform you septic servicing company. At Meyer’s we have 3 pump trucks that can hold a combined 13,000 gallons. Unlike other companies we have fair and honest pricing. We don’t charge extra for digging up a tank, or uncovering a riser. It is our job to understand where your tank is located and how to access it, not yours. Be wary of any company that has pricing for digging or uncovering. To get a free quote, contact us now.

Video Pipeline Inspections

A new industry standard is the video pipeline inspection. Prior the this camera system, septic system servicing companies had to attack problems within a line blindly. This is just plain dumb. Why would you ever start trying to fix a problem before knowing exactly what it was? This just causes more time and money for the homeowner or business. Now we can document, visually, prior to fixing any problem. This allows our technicians to select the correct tool for the job and get it done quickly without damaging the line or causing serious injury to themselves. Interested? Contact us now.

Real Estate Inspections

So you are a new homeowner or getting ready to sell you house? If so, one of the most important decisions that should be on your checklist of things to do is the septic system inspection. Why? Well, the downside risk associated with selling or purchasing a house with a failing septic system is massive. As a current homeowner the value or purchase price can be drastically reduced if this is found to be failing. As a new homeowner, if an inspection was not done and problems remediated, you could be stuck with a major repair bill or even worse a full system replacement. These costs can be in the thousands and in bad cases reach the tens of thousands. Don’t just trust anyone. At Meyer’s we perform the most stringent industry standard inspection to mitigate any risk to the existing or new homeowner. Your peace of mind, is our job. Don’t know the status of your system? Contact us now.