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Ok so here it goes.  My first attempt at blogging!  I wanted to drop people a line and let them know what we are up to and take a look into how we think!   The topic of our first blog is to talk about the job we just finished for Morgan Management in Erin, NY.  It was quite a challenge dealing with the weather conditions down there including, but not limited to power outages,tornadoes, and torrential down pours!  Yes you heard me right, a tornado ripped through the area during the job and tore apart some homes and threw trees around like they were tooth picks!  But all in all, we shined through and set a 5000 and a 3300 concrete tank, and a 3300 gallon pump tank all provided by Kistner concrete of New York.  Some of the tanks, weighing in at 50,000 lbs were no easy task.  Diesel self-primimng water pumps ran round the clock to manage the ground water and keep us working in what was some of the worst rain and ground water problems we could have ever wished for.  Morning Star distributing for provided us with the release of the new Aquaworx by Infiltrator (  pump station control panel.  This new float-less technology with computer programing allows you to manage multiple pumps with a single computer controlled console while getting accurate data about water level and does times.    It even records these events and keeps them stored on an SD card.  This helped up integrate both time dosing and demand dosing at the same time.  By doing this we can increase the longevity of the dispersal field (leach field) and still be able to keep up with the peak water usage times without causing system overloads!!! We also tried the new Bear Onsite line of effluent filters at this job.  (  What a great filter and baffle system.  Easy to install and super well designed.

In addition to that, we installed 1600 feet of Infiltrators Systems’s EQ36 chambers.  Due to our efforts, we were able to cut this customers cost on the job in half after working with the local Department of Health in Chemung County and Grove Engineering or Naples, NY.  Hats off to Project Manager Barry Zink for orchestrating this amazing feat.  Also props to Ray Magee of Kistner concrete, Herb Boyce Grading of Fairport, NY, and all of our employees who made this happen!  It was truly amazing to see all of this come together and take shape.  Enjoy the photos!!

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