What do you need to know about your septic system when buying or selling a home?

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What do you need to know about your septic system when buying or selling a home? A septic system is not a bad thing, in fact if it is in good health and working properly it’s better for the environment then a sewer treatment plant. But like every mechanical system in a house, it needs to be checked and maintained Most homeowners don’t know much about their septic system or “On-site Wastewater treatment system” because, let’s be honest, it’s not a killer backyard grilling area or a new addition to your house.

But, it can affect the value of a house. If the system is failing it could cost between $3,000 to $30,000 to repair or replace depending on the soil that exists in your yard. Also, if has not been cleaned in a few years and is in failure, it can be a public health risk and also be damaging to pets and family members alike. But never fear—that’s where we come in. We have been the Rochester area experts for over 64 years when it comes to On-site Wastewater systems and all septic and drainage related issues. We know the things that can affect a system and do the forensic investigation needed to correctly rate and diagnose a system and asses it’s health. With services like our complete septic tune-up and in-depth real estate inspections, you can insure that you’ll get the full story when it comes to your system.

Our advanced real estate inspections use state of the art video equipment to probe the main lines and make sure they are free and in good working order. This insures that costly back-ups into your home won’t occur. We have RF radio probe equipment to locate tanks and distribution boxes so that we can identify and ensure their operation. Most other companies just offer a basic real estate inspection, which we also offer. That consists of pumping the tank and assessing the structural condition of the tank, and then looking for signs of failure and also testing water flow from household fixtures to ensure the lines are open and free. But our Premium services goes above and beyond this to conform to industry standards and really get into the nooks and crannies so to speak.

In addition to this, we have a glossary of terms and a section on how your system works to help you navigate thought owning an On-site wastewater system. Our highly trained and professional staff is there to respect your home and property and offer friendly advice on how to maintain your system properly. If you’re buying or selling a home, or just interested in finding out the health of your system, call the experts today at Meyers Environmental, Rochester’s hometown choice for over 64 years!

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